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What It Takes To Win At West Head

The West Head Condottieri was a testing race for all involved. Thanks to Nero Performance Coaching, we have been provided with an analysis of what it took to make the podium and win the inaugural edition in the Elite Race. Coach Dan breaks the race down for us. Continue reading

Condottieri – Living Up To Expectations

The rain, cold and flooded road ways all greeted the riders at the battle front of the West Head Condottieri. If riders thought this was going to be an easy day in the saddle, then they hadn’t previewed the course or weren’t aware of the reputation of the pain that West Head can dish out. It wasn’t just the elements that were going to test those who braved the elements to sign on. Continue reading

Form Guide: Condottieri

All well laid battle plans rely on the element of surprise in order to catch the enemy off guard.  Within this form guide we look at some of the favoured riders which may remove that cloak of invincibility and create some more opportunities on the road.  The addition of the rain and cold will make this a true battle of attrition. Continue reading

West Head Condottieri – June 11

How can I live among this gentle obsolescent breed of heroes, and not weep? Unicorns, almost, for they are fading into two legends in which their stupidity and chivalry are celebrated. Each, fool and hero, will be an immortal. These plains were their cricket pitch and in the mountains the tremendous drop fences brought down some of the runners. Here then under the stones and earth they dispose themselves, I think with their famous unconcern. It is not gunfire I hear, but a hunting horn.

Aristocrats – “I Think I Am Becoming A God”

Continue reading

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