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Who will be the Subaru Active MWCC Club Champion?

This Sunday it will be every club rider for themselves as riders battle it out to be crowned Subaru Active MWCC Club Champion. With a number of big hitters racing the Melbourne to Warrnambool, this leaves the race wide open. In this article we outline the entrants and their chances. Continue reading

Kurrajong Race Report From A Winner

Richard Bjorkmann has been a focused man of late. ‘The Viking’ has been out on the road and in the altitude chamber getting ready for his first big race of the season. For Richard this was the Kurrajong Classic where he lined up in Division 2, in this race report we get inside the peloton and inside the mind of a champion. Continue reading

NSCC Beauie Worlds Handicap Sunday 20 July

Sunday 20th July – Special Beauie Criterium Handicap Race
Are you sick of being dropped in open handicap races? Do your mates kick sand in your face because you can’t do rolling turns? Are you a D-grader who wants to blow away those uppety A-graders?
Continue reading

Rhodes Docherty Akuna West Head Road Race 22 June

With the end of the financial year approaching on the 30 June, this will be your last chance to earn some additional income as a professional cyclist to put on your tax form. It has been a while since our last race, so we are expecting a big end of financial year turnout on 22 June. Enter via www.trybooking.com/EQVY from Sunday 15 June 9am. Continue reading

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