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Summer Short Track Round 4 Report

The mid week mini off road series was tearing up the St Ives Mini Bike Track last night. There were plenty of racers from juniors, womens and the elites, some were on cyclo cross bikes or various mountain bikes. In the end Garry Milburn would reign supreme. Continue reading

Short Course Off Road Racing This Wednesday

Legs burning, lactic acid filling your blood stream, your heart pounding in your chest, adrenline pumping through your body, dirt flying everywhere – that is all part of your entry when you take to the start line of our short course mountain bike series.

Continue reading

NSW Cyclocross Championship Wrap Up

The wrap up to the MWCC and the MWMTB cyclocross season for 2013, the last event and the inaugural NSW State Championships, was held at Lagoon Park Manly last Sunday. Under blue skies there was a big crowd on hand to cheer on the crossers as they did battle in downtown Manly. Our very own Dear Leader, President Jim Buda gives us the low down on the day. Continue reading

Inaugural NSW Cyclocross Championship

In conjunction with Manly Warringah MTB & Manly Council Bike Life Festival we are hosting the Inaugural NSW Cyclocross Championships on September 22nd at Manly Lagoon. This is your chance to race in front of hundreds of spectators. Details about entry are contained within this post. Continue reading

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