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Cellbikes Cyclocross Racing May 15

The CX organisers have set themselves the tough task of attempting to top their epic first round of cyclocross. Bringing a real European feel to the round which featured pouring rain, mud, clay and plenty of new additions, what will round two produce? The next round will be held May 15 and there is no better time to come and spectate or get involved. Continue reading

Cross Is Coming – April 17

The dawn of a new season is almost upon us. The original and still the only regular Cyclocross providers in Sydney. Join us on April 17, it begins…

Subaru Cyclocross August 22

This will be the second last round of our current Subaru Cyclocross series, so don’t miss the opportunity to get amongst it and see what all the hype is about. At MWCC we are all about removing barriers to entry and promoting the sport, so we plan on making this race as easy as ever to enter. Get ready to come off road! Continue reading

Subaru Cyclocross Wrap

Thanks to Australian Cyclocross Magazine for this Round Two report of our Subaru Active Cyclocross Series was set up to be a great day as the conditions were a promoter’s delight. There was a decent amount of rain mid-week, but on Saturday morning the club’s volunteers were greeted with sunny skies when preparing the course. Soggy underfoot, not above. Perfect.

Continue reading

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