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Explore New Horizons with Avalon Now

The perfectly captured feel of the Beaches is now available for purchase in limited sizes. So no matter where you explore, you can always take the Beaches with you. Our made in Italy riding kit by Attaquer uses only the finest of materials, that will have you feeling good and riding fast. Continue reading

Smartline West Head Road Race

It takes a smart racer to win at West Head, knowing when to go and went to wait. There are always plenty of riders who have the potential, but few get to take the glory and the same comes when choosing your mortgage lender. Plenty of potential and opportunity but few to suit you directly. So get your entry in for the Smartline Mortgages on October 22 and start the winning. Continue reading

NOTICE – Annual AGM November 12

Every strong club is based on a strong foundation of member input and involvement. Clubs strive on member activation and participation and now is the time for our members to participate in our Annual AGM. We want you to nominate for a position and help continue to make MWCC the most successful club in the world. The AGM will be held on the 12th November 2017 at 5:00pm at Market Lane Cafe, Manly. All positions on the committee will be up open for nomination.  Continue reading

Conor Murtagh – On Cycling and Life

Popular Mobius Future Racing rider Conor Murtagh has been racing the National Road Series for the past 6 years. He has spent time with Charter Mason and State of Matter MAAP racing before joining Mobius. In this article Conor has a conversation with Riley Wolff on life on and off the bike. Continue reading

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