The West Head Mothers Day Classic was held under cool but calm skies, for the riders who were allowed out to race. It seems that a number of riders failed to consult their DS before entry because a large portion of them failed to sign on. That didn’t deter from some aggressive racing as the course certainly provides plenty of opportunity to attack and dislodge riders throughout the race and we saw a number of new faces on the podium.

For riders who missed out on pinning on a number our next race is June 11 race before we take a sabbatical from Open racing for the month of July as the course will be used for the Battle of the Bridge showdown.

The Elite race was always going to throw up a new dimension with so many of the NRS riders being forced to miss West Head and instead participate in the Grafton to Inverell on the previous day. With many of the regulars missing in action, it was a chance for the domestiques to have their day of glory. Moosh Brown simply doesn’t get the air time in the Nero Racing videos that he deserves and after a strong State Masters performance, he decided that he will go solo off the front from the first lap and spend almost 3 laps with a solid lead on the chasing peloton. By the end of the third lap, he realised that with no gopro footage, there was no chance he would make the post race video and so he sat up and returned to the fold.

B Altitude Finish

This resulted in reduced bunch sprint and you don’t need to give Luke Cridland many opportunities for him to snatch up first place ahead of Andrew Finlayson and Andrew East, all three having very strong palmares that they wished to pad with some MWCC accolades.

In A Masters it was a fairly pedestrian early few laps which wasn’t really putting many riders into any real trouble and they were looking at this stage at a leisurely 90 kilometres. That was until Brent Goddard and Campbell Hanson launched their pre planned attack which sent Brent up the road, with Campbell following closely behind. This was what spurred the attacks and before long, there was a small chasing bunch of find including workhorse Colin Carrigan which certainly added a Bob Jungels powerhouse into the escapees and this was going to make it very difficult for a disorganised chasing peloton to haul back these riders. The 2 soon became 7 and they set about increasing their time on the peloton.

Campbell and Brent surged clear again of their breakaway companions towards the closing stages, which sent the remnants back to the peloton for Adam Socha to claim third on the bunch kick, while Campbell outlasted Brent Goddard for the victory.

In other results, Tom Alexander would edge out his rivals in the A Club race by about half a wheel to claim his victory although we are not sure if Tom ever actually went up to 100% in the sprint towards the line. The B Altitude Race was our version of Eurovision with the nationalities and accents filling the peloton and all the talk within the bunch during the race, riders weren’t sure if they were being encouraged or abused by their fellow riders. The final podium was a French victory just ahead of Ireland and Italy, with Portugal not getting the votes in this contest. In B Smartline Tim Walkinson of Giant took victory by a bike length.

In the C Hed Race, Max Woodhead in his debut race showed that he is good enough to earn a  promotion to B Grade when he clearly and easily soloed to victory in his race before William Patterson would collect second about one minute back just ahead of 15 year old NSCC rider Lachie Sky. The day is never finished without some controversy and that was provided by the C Energise race.  With some confusion around the roll that Gina Ricardo played and whether she was in or out of the race,  resulted in her second place being relegated off the podium but the top step was still filled by teammate Georgia Whitehouse and the two Northern Sydney riders having their positions elevated up a place.

West Head Race Results:
Subaru A Elite
Luke Cridland
Andrew Finlayson
Andrew East

A Masters
Campbell Hanson
Brent Goddard
Adam Socha

A Club
Tom Alexander
Rohan Haydon
Gerald Peterson

B Altitude
Franck Lebon
David Lavery
Anthony Colatonio

B Smartline
Tim Walkinson
William Patterson
Julian Woods

Max Woodhead
Paul Cuejak
Lachie Sky

C Energise
Georgia Whitehouse
John Wright
Mark Withford