Update * CANCELLED* Next CX/XCC is June 13

Come along for an evening of twilight fun with our cyclocross and short course MTB racing at JJ Melbourne Memorial Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills. Make sure you bring the kids for their own race. We have categories for u9, u13, u15 and u17, plus our Little Crossers for balance bikes.

Location: JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve.
Off – Kamber Rd, Terrey Hills.
Entries via Buncheur – no entries on the day.

Event schedule:

15:00 – 16:20 – course build (volunteers needed!!)
16:20 – 16:40 – registration and pre-ride
16:45 – U9 / U13 girls and boys (5/10 mins) – modified course
17:00 – little crossers
17:05 – MTB B / U15 / U17 girls and boys (20 mins)
17:30 – CX Women B / CX Men B (30 mins)
18:05 – Pre-ride 2
18:25 – MTB A
18:55 – CX Women A / CX Men A (40 mins)
19:35 – Course break down
19:50 – Presentations

Important info:

Women and Men CX grades are CX bike only categories – ie drop bars and rigid forks.  A grade CX 35 mm tyre width maximum, B grade CX any tyre width. Open and Junior categories – bring any (safe) bike.

Sunset on 27 March is 6.57 pm. Under our sanctioning, CX Women A and CX Men A will be required to have lights.

CX races – separate categories for men and women, separate start waves. MTB is combined.

If you are unsure of the correct grading, here’s a very loose guideline:- If you race A or B grade on the road, enter A Grade- If you race C or D grade on the road, enter B Grade.- If it’s your first ever cyclocross or mtb race and you have absolutely no idea what to expect, then jump into B and hang at the back to watch and learn the style of racing.- If you are U15 or U17 and just so happen to be super speedy, perhaps moving up to B grade is a good idea.

Eligibility: AusCycling “Race Off-Road” and “Race All Discipline” members (Yay one governing body!!) Also accepting CA and MTBA race licences that have not expired yet. Please note that licences will be required for all categories, other than Little Crossers. Introductory memberships are available through AusCycling including: 4 week free trial memberships, one day event licences and 7 day event licences.

Yes Please!! We need people to set up and pull down our course, modify the course for the U9 and U13, and to set up and run Little Crossers.