The MWCC kit is always easy to spot in the peloton and it looks great when you are standing on the podium. The kit is a high quality euro pro compliant design supplied by Champion System. Our kit is offered in male and female cuts to ensure maximum comfort and style for our riders. The club kit a great way to look pro on the roads and also to support our club sponsors. The MWCC kit is to be worn when racing in Cycling NSW open races (Cycling NSW requirement) and also at other club hosted races.

Orders for jerseys, bibs, jackets, gloves and caps etc are done on a periodic basis, however the club does hold a small amount of stock in some sizes.


How do I order?

First check what we have in stock – mwccracing@gmail.com

The Champion Systems website is – www.champ-sys.com.au
Check out the wardrobe of clothing options – http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection on the left of the page you will see the tab for the accessories.

Our most popular order is the Razor Apex 2.0 Jersey and the Razor bibs.Sizing Chart – http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-size-charts

Once you have decided what you want –

Contact Richard to see what we have in stock.

The club also have a number of periods where we do group orders. We do not currently have an open window.

Having tried most of the range, I would recommend the Apex Razor Jersey 2.0 as the best jersey in the collection –  I like the extra length in the sleeve and I think it is worth the additional dollars. It is designed to be a snug fit.

I would also recommend the Razor Bibs Shorts, with additional length in the leg, so that it finishes about 1 inch above the knee