This will be the second last round of our current Subaru Cyclocross series, so don’t miss the opportunity to get amongst it and see what all the hype is about. At MWCC we are all about removing barriers to entry and promoting the sport, so we plan on making this race as easy as ever to enter. Get ready to come off road!

2015 NSW Cyclocross (CX) Champs at JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve with Manly Warringah Cycling Club (MWCC)

2015 NSW Cyclocross (CX) Champs at JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve with Manly Warringah Cycling Club (MWCC)

Cyclocross riding takes you off the beaten track and will test your limits and skills while providing a whole new level of enjoyment to cycling. To ensure that you get there and give it go we offer the following:

1. Divisions for non cyclocross bikes. So hybrid bikes, mountain bikes all have their own division.

2. You don’t need a Gold Cycling Australia Licence. These races operate under MTBA, so you can race with your mountain bike licence or your gold road licence. If you don’t have a racing licence, we offer on the day licences ($20) or you can sign up at MTBA for a FREE 8 week trial.

3. Free kids races, want to look like a great parent by giving your kids skills for life and get them out of the house for a while to burn some energy? We have races for kids of all skill levels from balance bikes, to BMX level. Then go for a quick lap yourself.

4. We have lots of beginners at our races. Don’t think that this racing is just for the elite, we have all skill levels making their way around the course. Due to the format, on a multi loop course, you just complete as many laps as you can – there is no set distance.

5. Just enter on the day, no need for pre entry, just roll up and enter on the day. $15 on the day.

6. It involves bike riding – so it must be cool and if you like it, the N+1 rule of bike purchases applies.


2015 NSW Cyclocross (CX) Champs at JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve with Manly Warringah Cycling Club (MWCC)

2015 NSW Cyclocross (CX) Champs at JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve with Manly Warringah Cycling Club (MWCC)

MWCC is all about inclusion and so we have two free junior races on the day starting at 2pm. The kids will even pin on a race number to give them the whole race experience. Racing on a modified course, that always has them in sight, we have a race for Under 7 at 2pm and then a separate race for 7-12 year olds at 2:15pm. We have kids on tricycles, balance bikes, bmx bikes and mountain bikes. We don’t care about their ability or bike – we just want them out on course having fun. This opportunity is open to all children – their parents do not have to be members or racing themselves.

After we have witnessed the determination of the kids riding around the course, the next race is for all types of bikes, whether it be a single speed, mountain bike, commuter or even a cyclocross bike. This race is for those that are new to the cyclocross scene and want to see what all the madness is about. It is also suitable for those that want to race a cyclocross bike, yet aren’t quite up to the Elite standard. Race starts 2:30pm.


The final race is the Elite race (race starts 3:30pm) and this is restricted to CX bikes only. Watch the experienced riders race around the course, simply jumping barriers that others have had to step over and if they do dismount, watch the speed of the dismount and remount.

The location at JJ Melbourne Memorial Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills provides for plenty of viewing opportunities, with the riders regularly passing by the more popular viewing points.

11:30 Course set up begins

1.30pm Rego & Course Practice
2.00pm U7 Kids
2.15pm U12 Kids
2.30pm B Grade CX (CX Bike Only), Womens CX/Open (any bike), and Open Mens (non CX bike) – 35 minutes
3.00pm Course Practice
3.30pm A Grade CX – 45 Minutes

Entry $15, kids with license free.
CA Gold or MTBA Competition License required
Day licences (MTBA) available for $20


If you think the races appear a little short in length – you obviously haven’t raced a cyclocross race before. How long can you maintain your max heart rate, with lactic acid burning your legs?

Day licences can also be purchased – $20
Kids race for free but must pre register with MTBA.

Location: JJ Melbourne Memorial Hills Reserve, Terrey Hills

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