plus the only MTB racing this side of Sydney.

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Take a perfectly good road bike, add knobbly tyres and don’t ride it on the road!  In fact half the time don’t ride it at all – run with it!

Why?  Because everyone ends up covered in mud and with a big grin on their face!

Manly Warringah has a thriving Cyclocross community.  The club holds CX racing along with off-road criterium racing for mountain bikes at JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve at Terrey Hills. Located next to the equestrian centre and bmx track, this race series provides for some fast and furious off road action.

Generally the off road mountain bike crits are held first and then the cyclocross is divided into two separate races – one race for those who don’t have specific cyclo cross bikes but still want to challenge themselves on the course, whether this be on a mountain bike, a fixie or unicycle. We then have a  separate category for those with specific cyclocross bikes. Riders negotiate a mixture of tarmac, grass, mud and items which require you to carry your bike such as barriers and stairs. A great form of racing. Our cyclocross season generally operates over winter.

Need some practice? We have a CX ride every Tuesday morning at North Head. See our TeamApp for details.

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