Manly Warringah Cycling Club is very fortunate to have a great partnership with a number of companies who support the club. As a result of this partnership we are able to offer a number of events and other items to our members and supporters.

MWCC is very proud of our association with these companies:

Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers – Helping you choose the right loan.

Club member and fellow cyclist, Lana Moy can help you choose the right home home loan from more than 25 lenders. She has the knowledge and relationships to ensure you get the most competitive loan suited to your requirements without charging you any fees. Have a no obligation chat with her before you purchase a property or refinance your home or investment loans. She could save you thousands of dollars as a number of our club members can testify to.

Of course, Lana isn’t just a voice on the phone or someone who pops into your email inbox, you will regularly see Lana helping run our races, along with business partner Greg Wunder. They are our regulars holding one of the stop/slow posts and cooking up a storm at our Handicap and Wall Races.

That means you can get to see what a legend, Lana and Greg are in person and also chat to them in person about your mortgage needs, whether it be for a house or car. Of course you don’t have to be a Manly member to enquire with them.

Or maybe just ask them for some good mountain biking tips, both Greg and Lana are super bike handlers and riders on the trails.

Bill Buckle Motor Group

Bill Buckle Motor Group has they have been located on the Beaches since 1963. Having their support is why the Bill Buckle catch phrase of the – ‘the smarter choice‘ works so well.

Trusted on the Northern Beaches since 1963, it’s their commitment to deliver the service, products and knowledge that locals have come to expect. They are your motoring experts and know their product better than anyone.

Your premium motoring experience is delivered by their fantastic team. When you’re ready, they are ready.

The Bill Buckle Group at Brookvale have a smorgasbord of choices when it comes to choosing your new car, whether it be Subaru, VW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Toyota. They have something for every budget.

KOM Financial Advice – Prepare for the unexpected

Our West Head Road Race enjoys the support of one of the most established cycling supporters in the country – King of the Mountain Financial Advice.

Daniel Corbett and the team at KOM Financial Advice specialise in Life products, including:

Life risk insurance products
Income, Life and Total and Permanent Disability insurance for cyclists and triathletes
Investment life insurance products
Deposit and payment products, limited to:

Basic deposit products
Deposit products other than basic deposit products
Debentures, stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government
Interests in managed investment portfolios, including:

Investor directed portfolio services
Retirement savings accounts
Managed investment schemes
Margin lending
Superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Income Protection


Many insurers think events involving cycling are high-risk and apply unfair conditions or exclusions to cycling-related claims.
Major sporting federations provide group personal insurance policies which limit the amounts they can pay out.
Unless your Super Fund or Personal Insurance company has specifically underwritten your cycling activity, you may not have the cover you think you do.


If you participate in an event that:

  • requires any sort one-day or annual licence;
  • is timed;
  • covers a specific distance;
  • allocates you a finishing position; or
  • is considered a form of competition (despite you being competitive or not);

and you crash, then you’re at risk of having your Superannuation Insurance or Personal Insurance claim denied because of a little-known ‘competitive cycling’ exclusion that almost all insurers have. This can include where you have an accident training for an event or commuting too.

We believe that it’s essential to hold your designated sporting federation’s membership (such as Cycling Australia or Triathlon Australia) because it covers you for Public Liability – in case you injure someone else – and because they have other features too.

However, most of these federations have Group Personal Accident Insurance policies that only cover the participant’s income up to a maximum of between $500pw and $700pw (depending on the organisation), for a period of 12 months. If your financial responsibilities require more than the default cover, or if the accident is serious and you need to be covered potentially for the rest of your working life, you could be left drastically under-insured.

Furthermore, they’re accident-only policies, meaning that you need to have an accident or injury relating to the activity, otherwise you can’t claim.

It’s not good enough to have insurance. You need to know what your insurance does and doesn’t let you do and how to change it if it doesn’t suit your needs. You can make choices, but can you understand the fine print?

Having a chat with the KOMFA, shows that you can prepare for a crash or that unexpected life event –