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Why join the club?

There are many cycling clubs in Sydney however very few offer the wide ranging activities of MWCC. We are the only club in Sydney that provides road racing, criterium racing, mountain biking and cyclocross events. We are a large club that caters to all abilities and interests and we are always welcoming new members into our club. Our membership fees are also lower than many other competing clubs and we provide a higher level of service. Members can have the option of joining Cycling Australia for a race or social licence or Bicycle Network for a non racing social licence.

Benefits of membership:

  • Access to training rides seven days of the week
  • Monthly road races at West Head – the ONLY monthly road race in Sydney
  • We hold club championship races every year over a variety of disciplines and grades
  • Cycling NSW and Cycling Australia membership including insurance
  • Access to the best looking club kit in Australia. You can look like a professional, even if you don’t have the same level of ability. Look good – feel good.
  • Newsletters keeping you informed on wider activities
  • Social events
  • Subsidised cost of race entry from time to time
  • Access to the races and events of Cycling NSW and other clubs

Please note that as a member, MWCC expects riders to race in MWCC kit unless they are racing in a registered NRS or Junior Development Team. As a result MWCC will not sign off on non NRS team kits for its members.

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How to Join the club online

Click here to register with Cycling Australia, select the Manly Warringah Cycling Club when prompted, choose what type of member you would like to be. It really is that simple! Remember if you want to race, you require a Race Licence – No licence, no racing.

Membership Fees information on the Cycling NSW Website

The membership fee includes insurance for personal and third party cover whilst racing and training (please ref to Cycling NSW for details). Membership fees and licences are for calendar year periods. (Fees are subject to change)



Click here to register with Bicycle Network

If you are not looking to race and are just interested in a social membership, then a Bicycle Network membership may be your preference. You still become a MWCC member with your membership hosted through Bicycle Network at a discounted rate. Please note that this is a non racing licence.



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  1. Hi There,

    I am interested in joining the Manly Warringah cycle club. Main reason is to do the races monthly and to ride 2-3 times a week.

    Can someone please let me know how best to get signed up? What are the costs? How soon can I join one of the rides? Is there a group I can ride with tomorrow morning?

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