2020 Race Dates

Get excited because we have a ton of racing for you in the back half of the year. Not only are we bringing Sydney’s best road race to you every month, but we have added in a time trial every month too!

Road Race______Time Trial______MTB / CX
August 30_______August 16______October 31
September 27___September 13
October 18______November 1
November 8_____November 29
December 13

Spring Classic – DHB West Head Road Race

Le Tour, World Champs, West Head, Paris Roubaix are all races one needs to win. You can achieve one of them with our next DHB West Head Road Race. The last DHB Road Race was raced in memorable conditions, while it may not rain this time, you will have just as many memories if you get on the start line of one of our nine grades via Buncheur.

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Race Results – Mentor1 Road Race

Perfect spring conditions for our Mentor1 Road Race and this was confirmed with over 250 riders lining up across our nine grades. Our next race will be on October 18. Congratulatons to all of our podum getters and to our volunteers who ensured that the race ran smoothly. Full podium results below.

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Mentor1 Road Race September 27

You’ll never win a monumental road race like West Head without a plan, so what makes you think your financial life goals will be any different? Whether you plan to race on September 27 or retire in comfort, Mentor1 will get you there with professional advice and a robust plan. So whether it be the start line of our race or starting your financial journey – Mentor1 will be there to ensure you achieve your financial and life goals.

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