Racing For The Win – Safely

While this photo may be confronting, this is the reality that riders can face when they crash. A lot of these incidents are avoidable with riders showing some commonsense and race smarts. This article gives a few pointers that riders should keep in their minds when racing, so that they race and get home safely. We can reduce these incidents by racing smarter. Continue reading

Gear Review – More than a Brasco roll

Need ideas for a present or just to treat yourself? Want something stylish when you roll into the cafe while also having a practical riding wallet? The Bellroy wallet may be that required purchase. Continue reading

MWCC March Newsletter

The most recent newsletter went out on March 22. Did you receive your copy? If you are a subscriber or club member it should have appeared in your email inbox, check your various email folders. If you want to receive the newsletter, then subscribe via our website link on the right. Continue reading

Livelo – For The Travelling Cyclist

For interstate travelers and workers, staying interstate means either time spent in the hotel gym, missed sessions or the hassle of having to box and transport your bike often while on a work trip. The company Livelo delivers a road bike to your hotel, so you can get out on the open road. Continue reading

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